Frequently Asked Questions

Jointly developed by LTA and the Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC), the Safe Riding Programme (SRP) aims to educate its participants on safe riding behaviours, proper use of Active Mobility-related infrastructure and the rules and code of conduct for riding under the Active Mobility Act. The programme is intended for members of public, students, migrant workers, as well as Active Mobility offenders who have been caught riding recklessly. It is applicable to both cyclists as well as Personal Mobility Device (PMD) users.

The SRP comprises of a syllabus with four modules – equipment and pre-journey preparation, infrastructure familiarisation, skills training and the rules and code of conduct. Based on the syllabus, a ten-minute SRP video was produced highlighting key safe riding practices to be disseminated for mass outreach. For more in-depth understanding of safe riding, a 90-minute programme was developed comprising of a training circuit integrating both theoretical and practical components.

To download the modules or watch the videos, please visit:

The SRP session integrates practical and theoretical components which allows participants to immediately apply safety instructions. The circuit simulates common scenarios encountered off-road when riding on public paths, so that participants can put the device handling skills, as well as rules and code of conduct, into practice.

The training circuit features straight and S-line courses to help participants focus on device handling skills for a start. Through the circuit, participants will be more aware of their device handling capabilities, and learn how to manoeuvre their device at low speeds more confidently. To ensure that participants are well-equipped when approaching key interaction points, such as bus stops and zebra crossings, similar scenarios have been replicated in the circuit.

Through guided, ‘hands-on’ practice, participants will be equipped with safe riding knowledge and skills relevant to their experience of sharing paths.

No, the SRP is intended for those who already know how to cycle or use a PMD.

The Active Mobility Act is expected to commence early this year and riders caught flouting the rules will be penalised. The SRP will help participants familiarise themselves with the new rules and code of conduct under the Act as well as help them gain an awareness of areas where they need to improve in order to ride safe.

In addition, all SRP participants will receive the SRP guidebook and riding accessory (e.g. bike lights, multi-purpose pouch).


Interested parties or individuals may liaise directly with us to arrange SRP sessions for themselves or their organisation/group. Feel free to contact us to understand more about Safe Riding Programme. Click here to contact us or call us at +65 64817016 or +65 92269239 to find out more. 

The programme is available and it’s currently free of charge. Please refer to Unique Speed’s website for a schedule of the upcoming sessions.

It is free of charge for the first year.

Children under the age of 10 are to be accompanied by a parent, guardian or authorised adult (e.g. school teacher). Suitable equipment such as bicycles or PMDs and helmets will be provided.

Note: Please seek LTA’s approval for media replies. For queries not covered by the FAQs above, please direct enquiries to LTA.

Information last updated on 11 Jan 2018