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The SRP practical session, which is free to the public and open to

those who ride bicycles or PMDs, will be made available from February 2018.

Devices and helmets will be provided for use during the session.


Joint Safe Riding Program with

Land Transport Authority


The Safe Riding Programme (“SRP”), jointly developed by the Singapore Road Safety Council (“SRSC”) and the Land Transport Authority (“LTA”), aims to educate riders and Personal Mobility Device (PMD) users on safe riding practices, proper use of Active Mobility (AM) infrastructure and the rules and code of conduct for riding and PMD usage in Singapore. The programme content is based on a comprehensive SRP syllabus and is delivered through an integrated circuit combining both theory and practical.

The SRP aims to:

a. Create awareness of safe riding skills and behaviours
b. Enhance understanding of riding-related infrastructure
c. Educate participants on the rules and code of conduct in Singapore for cycling and PMD-usage

This framework sets the direction for the teaching, learning and assessment of safe riding skills and behaviours.

Safety is central to riding. It involves the acquisition of safety awareness while using the device, of which the knowledge of basic riding skills extends to the application of safety in a wide range of situations.

This will be achieved through the development of the five inter-related components, namely Concepts, Skills, Processes, Attitudes and Metacognition.

The SRP session is targeted at members of the public who currently ride, or are interested in choosing riding for their daily commute or leisure. Participants who sign up for the SRP session are required to know how to ride a device as the session is not meant to teach one how to ride but rather informs one of the skills and behaviours to ride safely.

The target audience of the SRP session is further classified into 3 groups based on their different profiles:
a. Students (recommended from ages 10 to 18 years old); and
b. General Commuting Public (18 years and above); and
c. Migrant Workers

Students – 10 to 18 years old

For students, the SRP session is mainly targeted at students of upper primary and above. For primary school children the safe riding message could be shared via safe riding videos, lectures and materials.

The SRP integrated circuit for student participants focuses on the importance of inculcating safe riding behaviours from young. They will focus on learning about pre-ride preparation, how to react in common riding scenarios and how to be gracious when riding. These will lay the foundations for learning of more advanced and complicated riding scenarios in future.

General Commuting Public – 18 years old and above

Participants from this group ranges from recreational riders to people who commute using devices.

The SRP integrated circuit for this group of participants focuses on the Off-Road scenarios and how to be gracious when riding. Coupled with in-class discussions and sharing on experiences, the session aims to allow participants to better understand the perspectives of each path/road user which will explain why certain behaviours are encouraged for safe riding. Additional on-road riding elements such as key on-road rules and signage may be highlighted during the discussion.

Migrant Workers – 18 years old and above

Migrant worker participants, similar to the general commuting public, includes recreational riders and commuting riders and hence will include additional content on On-Road riding.

The SRP session for the migrant worker participants focuses on the Off-Road and On-Road scenarios, signage, and communication. It is important for the SRP Trainer to highlight on the safe and appropriate riding habits to be adopted which are aligned with Singapore’s traffic rules which migrant worker participants may not be aware of. In addition to the possible language barrier, it is key to educate them on how to effectively and graciously communicate with other path users.

More information about Safe Riding Programme can be retrieved from Land Transport Authority Website.

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